Sa   5. Oktober 2019
Musik Freiburg Slow Club
21:00 Uhr: Hide + Uncanny Valley + Kontravoid – Post-Industrial, Cold Wave


HIDE is a post industrial / cold wave duo from Chicago, USA. Seth Sher (electronics) and Heather Gabel (vocals) create a dark wild atmosphere, performing their album „Castration Anxiety“.

Uncanny Valley

Inspired by the industrial pioneers and the unrelenting speed of change, Uncanny Valley (London, UK) combine live electronics with human error for unusual effect. 2019 they presented their first full length album „Ugashia“.


Kontravoid (Cameron Findlay from Toronto, Canada) cements his reputation as one of the stand out voices in the current new-beat, synth wave scene.


DJ Party

New / Nu / Old School Minimal Wave DJ Bleakphil. Jumping Pictures.


Eintritt: € 14 | € 12 (für Mitglieder)

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